FamilyKind Video

The statistics are sobering – half of all marriages end in divorce. While a breakup is tough on everyone involved, it can be particularly devastating for kids caught in the middle.

We recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful New York City non-profit called FamilyKind that tackles the issue head on, offering classes and support for children, teens, and adults navigating the emotional fallout of divorce.

Following a 20-year career as an attorney and referee for the New York City Family Court system, FamilyKind founder, Lesley Friedland, recognized the need for an organization to help families struggling with a breakup.  Now she had to publicize it.

Friedland knew she wanted a short video to capture FamilyKind’s mission and appeal to a diverse New York City audience, but she had no idea what it should look like. She also had a limited budget. It’s a common challenge for many non-profits and start-ups, but we knew how to help FamilyKind tell its story in a compelling and affordable way.

Given the non-profit’s goals of attracting an ethnically mixed population and raising awareness about the impact of divorce on children, we took a simple animated approach. This allowed us to create color neutral characters, give the video a family centric appeal, and easily integrate the color palette used on the FamilyKind website.

FamilyKind was not only thrilled with the video we produced, the tag line we created, “A family divided can still be FamilyKind” has become an integral part of the non-profit’s branding.

For more information about FamilyKind, please visit their website:

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