How We Can Help You


Executive Coaching

In today’s rapidly changing global economy, it’s imperative for leaders to communicate their organization’s message effectively and quickly, in good times and in bad. Global Media Advisors Group (GMAG) is there to help you craft clear, concise messages and deliver them with confidence and credibility.


Crisis Communication

An oil spill in the Gulf…a CFO resigns…animal rights protestors are on your doorstep. Our team of experienced professionals has covered it all and witnessed some of the worst PR blunders. Don’t be caught in the spotlight of a camera unprepared. No matter what the crisis, Global Media Advisors will help you own the message quickly.


Digital Storytelling

We all have a story to tell. And no story is like any other. Whether it’s to capture a CEO’s personality, develop an organization’s messaging, or establish a corporate brand, Global Media Advisors Group works with our clients to craft unique, compelling, and engaging digital stories.


Customized Training Courses

Global Media Advisors Group provides a wide range of consulting services to international radio and television broadcasters. We work with a number of media companies and universities in the United States and Asia to help improve the reporting and presentation skills of reporters and producers around the world.


Strategic Communication

Strategic Communications is at the core of effective leadership. We help you focus on the “big picture” by developing a communication strategy that clearly defines your objectives, identifies critical action items and a plan to execute. The process begins with your goals and ends with a realistic plan to achieve it. We are trusted advisors providing expertise in organizational change, succession planning, crisis communications, and media engagement. Global Media Advisors Group creates strategic communication plans to reach both external and internal stakeholders.


Media / Public Relations

While media today is fragmented and moving at lightning speed, GMAG cuts through the clutter to deliver your message to key stakeholders. We are media insiders who know how to grab the attention of the gatekeepers in a world of distractions. The firm has a team of senior communication strategists with deep experience and expertise in media, messaging and building brand awareness for your organization.